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Hi! I'm Oda. I curate experiences with technology. As an ambitious web developer, I thrive on embracing challenges head-on. I'm driven to leave a lasting impact through innovative and user-friendly digital experiences.

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UI/UX Design

API Development

Web Development

Software Development

Database Design & Development

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Muse 🎧

Full-Stack Music Player


Muse is a music player that creates playlists based on the user's emotional input. It operates based on the user's musical history and artist preferences on Spotify to provide personalized playlist.

  • React
  • |
  • Spotify Web API
  • |
  • Spotify Web SDK
  • Github Repo

Wasabi Bytes 🍣

Full-Stack Restaurant

Wasabi Bytes

Wasabi Bytes is a full-stack project that showcases an interactive sushi menu. Users are able to create an account, log in,and place orders for their favorite sushi dishes. 🚧Back-end is being revamped🚧

  • Next.js
  • |
  • Tailwind
  • |
  • JWT
  • |
  • MySQL
  • |Github Repo
BandSite 🎸

REST API Website


This project features a bandsite using vanilla JavaScript and REST API for users to create a comment, love the comment, or delete it.

  • |
  • JavaScript
  • |
  • SCSS
  • |Github Repo Reverie

StreamLine 📲

UX|UI Prototype

Streamline is a prototype to stream tv shows and music from all different platforms in one app. It would allow users to create playlists, Watch Parties, and channels for user's feedback.

  • Figma
  • |Research Presentation
InStock 💰

Full-Stack Team Colab


InStock is a Full-Stack team collaboration with fellow colleagues to develop an Inventory Management System, where the user can add and remove items from the Inventory page and select from a list of Warehouses to modify the selected warehouse location.

  • Jira
  • |
  • React
  • |
  • Knex
  • |
  • Postman
  • |Github Repo ClientGithub Repo Server

Reverie 🌀

VS Code Theme


Reverie is a Visual Studio Code color theme with blends of navy blue, golden, green, and velvet shades.

  • JSON
  • |Github Repo Reverie